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From: Kris/Ski
Date: 2001-03-02 17:58:00 UTC
Subject: Another Behavior Q~more concerned

This behavior I am more concerned about. Nushi (the scoot'in fuzz) is
only 4 months old, and male. My other two are 3 years and female.
Nushi has already grown larger than the 2 adults, and has become what
I would say as very aggressive towards them. Along with being very
verbal, and active he will wrestle with the adults to the point where
he is dragging them by their ears, or back of their head, the whole
time making "screaching" noises, instead of "dooking". He does not
draw any blood though and the adults do not screech back, instead
they "hiss". They do not try to get away, although they really do not
have a choice to do that. However they still sleep together and seem
to get along aside from this. Tonight I felt it got so bad, I put
Nushi in a "time out" in the cage, and let the others run & play. He
was not to happy about this. Is this behavior safe and normal? If not
how should I discipline him, as he is deaf?
Thank you,
Kris & the Kids