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Date: 2001-07-20 13:14:00 UTC
Subject: More on Ferret with possible lung tumor

I have a little more information on my friends ferret.
The ferret was 'under the weather' several weeks ago, and
while attempting to
determine the problem, both bloodwork and an xray were done.
The bloodwork
showed the ferret was anemic, and the xray showed a spot on
the lung. An
aspiration was done of the area of the lung affected, and of a
nearby lymph
node. The ferret was put on Pet Tinic for the anemia, and a
low dose of pred.
After a few days, the ferret began to act normal, becoming
more active and
The pathology on the aspirates came back inconclusive -
nothing abnormal was
A recent followup xray showed that the mass in the lung had
doubled in size.
My friend lives in a FFZ, but has a good vet with ferret
experience. The vet
feels the best course of action is to remove the affected
lung, but admits to
never having attempted this in a ferret.
My friend is reluctant to take a young, playful ferret that
otherwise appears
healthy and put them through a life threatening surgery. At
the same time,
the ferret probably has a better chance of surviving such a
surgery while it
is still very healthy. Since they don't even know what the
mass is, chemo
does not seem like a good option. If it is a cancer, they
don't know what
type, and therefore, what drugs would be most effective.
Any thoughts or advice would be appreciated.