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From: deena
Date: 2001-07-21 12:06:00 UTC
Subject: ADV test, good news? I hope!

I was notified by the shelter operator where I adopted 2 ferrets last year
that one of the residents has tested positive for adv. I sent 3 saliva
samples to Avecon recently and was notified by them on Friday that my
samples were negative.

When I took my samples, I did keep the swab in contact with the inside of my
ferrets mouths for the required full minute, but the swab looked quite dry
to me. I gently rubbed the tongue, gums, and roof of the mouth. My
question is : If I didn't provide enough saliva, would that cause my test to
be negative?

I want my tests to be negative because my ferrets are truely ADV negative,
not because I did the test incorrectly.

Thanks for your response. It would be a great relief to me to confirm that
my ferrets are ADV negative.

I also e-mailed this question to Avecon, but don't expect a response until
Monday, and I want to start celebrating right away.