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From: colleen burke
Date: 2001-07-22 08:07:00 UTC
Subject: Wheels

Ha, What I meant to do and didn't take the time to remember to do was to
send the photo of the buggy. So here it is this time.

Dear Becky,
Hi, as a few people have said, go to Doggon wheels.
I had a ferret who had lost the use of his front legs and I made him a
contraption to get about in. Trouble is he could.nt steer it as he would
have been able to had it been his back legs that were paralysed.The
frame was made from a mouse house. I took the bottom off it and cut it
down to size then attached castors using cable ties. I made a hammock
out of sheep skin and velcrow fasteners and attached it into the frame
with dog clips so it was easy to detach. I don't see any reason why this
couldn't be adapted to fit the back legs. That is what I would be trying
to start with.
Hope this helps,
Colleen Burke.

[Moderator's Note: this is a Word document with a picture in it. I've looked at it (very inventive!) and it appears to be safe to view]

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