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Date: 2001-07-22 09:31:00 UTC
Subject: Need advice to reduce swelling after surgery

Bubba, the 12 year old ferret, went through successful exploratory
surgery. The left adrenal was removed. Also, the one tumor in the rear
leg that was visible, and one other tumor in the same leg that was found
during surgery.

All three are out for biopsy, adrenal, and 2 tumors.

Bubba's rear leg is swollen after the surgery because the surgical site
started to (in layman's terms) leak. The vet had to go back in to
"tie" off anything that could cause it to "leak".

Dr. Ivan is excellent. Bubba's rear leg is swollen. He does not like
my idea of cool running water on it. The doctor said I could use cool
water. Should I just submerse it in the water?

He is getting a small ice "pack" treatment to help the swelling.

Any other ideas are welcome. Bubba is doing so well...I want to help
hurry up the healing.