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Date: 2001-07-22 10:48:00 UTC
Subject: No Suggestions or Comments?

A few days ago, I posted out about a friend's ferret with a
mass in one lung.
The vet had suggested removal of the lung, and I was asking
if anyone had
heard of this being done successfully on a ferret. So far, no
one has
commented on this at all.
I know from other lists that I am on that Yahoo has been
having problems, and
messages sent to groups are not getting posted, as well as
people are not
receiving messages that are posted. Because of the large
volume of mail this
list produces, I opt to view it on the web, so I don't know if
it has had any
problems or not.
Anyway, I don't know whether to assume that no one has heard
of a ferret
having a lung removed, and therefore have not commented, or if
everyone is on
vacation, or if people did not see my original posts.
Any comments would be appreciated.