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From: FurTulsa
Date: 2001-07-22 18:44:00 UTC
Subject: [Ferret-Health-list] ADV Home Tests From Avecon

All I want to interject here is that I would be very curious to hear any
thoughts on this as well...
As some of you know, I have 4 relatives of Bancho.... 3 nieces and a
nephew... by Banchos littermate sister Kiwi.
I just ran *send in* tests on them all and all tests came back negative....
as well as all my other ferrets.
But IS there anything we should take into consideration with the "NZ

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Sent: Sunday, July 22, 2001 3:09 PM
Boy, have I got some questions!
Last year, my three monsters had the following results from Avecon.
Snorkle, a MF male, negative
Tuzigoot, A whole NZ female, negative
Bancho, a whole NZ male, positive
I just finished testing again this year with the following results:
Snorkle, still negative
Bancho, now nutted, negative
Tuzigoot, still whole, 'I think' positive. I say 'think' because I really
have to look to see an indicator in the test section of the test strip. It
is so faint that it is not really visible without close scrutiny.
What really hits me between the eyes is Bancho now showing negative. I know
Judy disagrees with me on this, but I have always questioned the validity of
the numerous positive results with the NZ ferrets. I have contended all
along that a genetic marker or some sort of interaction due to the required
parvo vaccination in New Zealand was the cause. (Mind you, I am not a
medical person in any way, shape, or form...just me guessing..nothing
scientific about my feelings)
I hope all those people who have NZ ferrets that tested positive, redo the
tests at a year interval. It will be interesting to see how many remain the
same or what change in the results might have taken place. So...any or all
of you 'vits' out there..I would be very interested in your thoughts on
this. I will be talking to Avecon Monday and I suspect they will want me to
send in a saliva sample on each of the furkids for a comparison, in lab,