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Date: 2001-07-22 19:39:00 UTC
Subject: Re: ECE???

Just thought that I would give y'all an update on my Fitz. We have
seen 3 doctors and they all think that is ECE. I do not really know
where I picked up the germs. I do have two new ferrets in quarantine
in a completely separate household. Most of what I have read seems
to imply that Fitz should have come down with this sooner. I have
had the new guys for a little over a month now. I was in a petstore
the weekend prior to Fitz getting sick but I barely touched the
ferret there and that was through the cage, I never held him and I
know that I washed my hands at least once before I went home. In
fact, I was in contact with the new ferrets prior to my playing with
Fitz. So I am hoping that either the new ferrets have already had
Anyway on to the update. Fitz had a really rough time at
first...severe watery diarrhea, vomiting, nausea, etc. He would
however eat some A/D or baby food. Then a few days later, he began
wretching at the very sight (or smell) of food. That was when I
decided to take him to a very good ferret vet. I had never been to
see Dr. Finkler at Roanoke Animal Hospital before, mostly because
Fitz has always been healthy and also because the hospital is over an
hour from where I live. Well, they were great. They worked me in at
a moments notice on a very busy day. Dr. F took the time to talk to
me about all the possibilities and my options. We took some x-rays
and there was no evidence of an obstruction. Due to the nausea and
the possibility of ulcers, we switched from amoxi to biaxin and added
pepcid a/c to his medication regimen. Dr. F said to try a little
bland baby rice cereal which I flavored with a little ferretone and
Ensure. Although a/d or baby food is probably better, the smell
still makes Fitz wretch. Fitz's appetite is showing improvement and
his stools are slightly less liquid and not quite as green.
Hopefully, we won't have to be doing subcutaneous fluids too much
longer. I hope that he continues to improve. So sorry for the
lengthy post but I am tentatively excited about the improvement.
Best wishes to everyone and especially to the sick babies. Please
keep Fitz in your prayers, he is my little baby!

Thanks to all for your help,
Erica and Fitz