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Date: 2001-07-23 17:01:00 UTC
Subject: Update on Bruiser/ FHLs Home Page Baby

We took Bruiser back for yet another operation,last Thursday but were
sadly sent home.This HORRIBLE nerve sheath tumor has returned invading
the entire right side of his head.....
Excision and radiation are impossible due to location.It had only been 5
Obviously cryo doesn't work for this type of tumor.
Some people lose ferrets...we will be losing a son.He graced our lives
for a little over 4 years after he was found in a garage.He is still
fighting..eating like a lil piglet... Bobs Chicken gravy mixed with
AD,Gerbers and vitamins...tho head swollen and lumpy,he's Still the
fattest,most charming soul in Gods World.....
Tho confused why he now sees sunrises,sunsets,stars,grass,lakes...why
mommy cries when she feeds him(tho she tries Sooo Hard to be
strong!)..and why constant kisses and hugs are somewhat forced..why
popsicles are first lightly chewed by mommy then spoon fed (omg,sugar!)
he's content for today.....
Tomorrow may be different....;(
All I know is...the cells multiply by the day but he's going to have all
we can give him until we can give no more.....
Thank you ALL soooo much for your Love and prayers...especially Dr
Williams (our true hero!)
Tara,Jerry,Bruiser and his siblings..Muffin,Solita,BuddyRicko &