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Date: 2001-07-23 18:06:00 UTC
Subject: Re: Need advice to reduce swelling after surgery

hi Margie and all :)

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Should I just submerse it in the water?
> He is getting a small ice "pack" treatment to help the swelling.
> Any other ideas are welcome.

DO NOT submerse. not good. running water over it is different than

i have used with good sucess, on both the dog and little Zeffy, a form
of Euclyptus oil. it has Grape seed oil in it too.

Zeffy used to get bad rashes from flea bites. a spritz f this and in
a few days, no more rash and no cortizone shots.

for Fred (labradore) after his surgery, this helped heal it and he
would not lick it, when he started to lick, 2-3 times per day, i
would spray again. except for the very end, which we had prblems with
and several sets of staples, the scar was minimal. it looks great.

Grape seed oil is an anti-inflamitory and Euclyptus moil is a natural

i would continue with the ice packs and try the euclyptus oil blend.

it is called O'Brian's Euclyptus oil 1-800-408-2060. i have a real
address for this if anyone is interested and if you want to know more
about it, feel free to contact me off list. no whatever, just a very
happy customer. mom calles this my snake oil.... but it really does