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From: Lisa Ferret mom
Date: 2001-07-23 19:05:00 UTC
Subject: 2nd Request : Possible Juvenile Lymphoma

This is a second request. Please read my update on
the bottom as well.

> Date: Sat, 21 Jul 2001 02:08:30 -0000
> From: ferretmom14559@y...
> Subject: Possible Juvenile Lymphoma
> Hello all - I would like to start by saying I have
> been trying to look through the archives on this
with little luck. I apologize if this should have
been relatively easy for me to find.
> We have a 2 yr old MF male with possible juvenile
> lymphoma. I brought him to our vet today (he is
supposed to be one of the top ferret vets going).
Just our luck that he left today for a two week
> vacation in Alaska. However the techs in his office
> are also very ferret knowledgable and are doing
everything they can to help my little one.
> This is what little I know and I am looking for some
> guidance. He was not eating and was passing very
small amounts of stool. Up until last night I believe
he had been eating some. When I came home last
> night he had broken out of the cage and was running
> through the house like crazy. After picking up the
mess he had made I returned him to
> the cage for the night. I tried to give him a
> treat, but he wanted no part of it. That in itself
is not all that uncommon. He can sometimes be picky.
This last week I had been trying to determine if
> he had lost weight or if our other male had been
> putting on a few.

It turns out he is down from 2.13 lbs to 2.5 lbs.
> He is still drinking very well, just has a complete
loss of interest in food. They said there are no
signs of dehydration. With three of them
> sharing a cage it gets hard to determine how much
> each is eating and using the litter. I had to stand
vigil over the litter to see what was going on with
him in that respect. I was happy to see he was
> still going, just in very small amounts.
> The hospital took an xray which confirmed a large
> mass near his spleen. They are force feeding him
soup and starting him on a steriod treatment that will
hopefully reduce the mass and increase his appetite.
> If we can get him to eat(I am fully prepared to feed
> him the duck soup as much as he needs it), is it
safe to wait the two weeks until
> the vet returns or should I seek out another vet in
> the area? This little one is my buddy and I want
the best for him. Other than his loss of appetite, he
had been acting completely normal. The tech
> said there is another vet accross town who sees
> ferrets, but she did not sound overly enthused about
> Help! Our little one is much too young to be going
> through this already. I apologize for the length of
this, but as you can tell I
> am worried.

Update: He is doing great on the Pediapred. His
appetite is back to the point where he might actually
gain back some of the weight he lost. The techs don't
seem overly concerned about his weight as he is still
over 2 lbs. Can anyone point me in the right
direction to learn more about Juvenile Lynphoma? I am
having very little luck finding anything, and what
kind of prognosis to expect. Any and all help is

> Lisa,
> Stinky, Pepper (my sick little one) and Mitsy.

Trickster (Stinky), Pepper and Mitsy

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