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From: Lynn Siegel
Date: 2001-07-23 11:54:00 UTC
Subject: Dislocated elbow

I have a 4 month old female ferret. During the night she must have done
something to cause her left elbow to become dislocated. I noticed she was
limping this morning & she went to the vet this afternoon. The X-ray showed
that her left elbow was dislocated. The vet popped it back into place but
it kept popping back out. He couldn't get it to stay in. My regular vet is
out of town until August 1st & his partner doesn't feel he is knowledgeable
enough to do surgery on her & also doesn't believe my vet can do it. We
need an orthopedic surgeon I guess. Or is there an alternative? And does
anyone know of a good orthopedic surgeon in FL? She weighs 1.13 pounds & is
on 0.04cc Torbutrol Susp for pain.

Thank you in advance for any help anyone can give.

Lynn & Clan War Weasels