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From: Ann Hehl
Date: 2001-07-24 10:12:00 UTC
Subject: hair loss, adrenal question

I have a question regarding my 6 yr old female,
Cinnamon. She has had both adrenals removed, the left
at age 3 and the right in January.

She started showing symptoms of the right adrenal
about summer of 1999.
At the time we thought she was a poor surgical
candidate because of the possibility of her having
lymphosarcoma. My vet started her on the 4 month
depot of Lupron in 10/99. She did not start to regrow
her hair until after she received the 2/2000 shot of
Lupron. She took at least 5 months to get her hair
back, she had lost a large amount all over her body.
She did regrow all of it. She had her last Lupron in
11/00 but she started to loose hair at the base of the
tail and going upward on the body shortly after
receiving the shot. After conferring with Dr
Williams via email and also with the her vet we
decided that she could not have had lymphosarcoma
and still be alive 2 yrs after the possibility was
considered. So... the vet did the right adrenal in
Jan, 2001. He felt at the time that he removed all of
the gland. Now to my question, she still hasn't
regrown the hair she lost. Is it possible that with
her past history of taking several months to regrow
hair that that is just her. Also, she started losing
the hair the last time shortly after the 11/00 Lupron
shot, would this indicate that the Lupron was/is no
longer effective for her. I am concerned that
she possibly could have some remaining adrenal but if
so what would we do about it. Would Lupron be an
option? Please, does anyone have any advice.
Hopefully I have outlined my concern and it makes
sense. Thanks so much in advance for your time and
consideration in answering my question. I am
worried that there is something that I need to do for
her and I am not.
Other than the hair loss she seems healthy, eating,
pooping and sleeping(albeit more than she used to but
she is 6 yrs old). She plays with her cage mate and
is somewhat active.
PS I sent this message previously to Dr Williams but
thought I would query the health list as well.

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