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From: Danee DeVore
Date: 2001-07-24 12:43:00 UTC
Subject: Re: ADV Home Tests From Avecon

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> What really hits me between the eyes is Bancho now showing
negative. I know Judy disagrees with me on this, but I have always
questioned the
> validity of the numerous positive results with the NZ ferrets. I
have contended all along that a genetic marker or some sort of
interaction due to
> the required parvo vaccination in New Zealand was the cause. (Mind
you, I am not a medical person in any way, shape, or form...just me
> guessing..nothing scientific about my feelings)

During his talk at the recent ferret show in Pittsburgh, Dr.
Stephon's was asked if it was possible for a ferret that had ADV to
test negative on the Avecon tests because the ADV was in a dorment
state. The Avecon test only looks for one specific protein produced
by ADV antibodies, and this protein is only present when the virus is
replicating. If I understand correctly, the CEP looks for several
proteins, and shows positive if any of them are present, even if all
are not.
If I understood Dr. Stephon's answer, he admitted that is might be
possible for the virus to go dorment, in which case the protein his
test looks for would not be present, and so the test would be
negitive even though the ferret had ADV, and it could become active
at a later time. He agreed that more research was needed to answer
this question fully.
As I said, this was my understanding. Others that were at this talk
may want to comment on this point, in case they feel he said