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From: Stephanie L. Boyce
Date: 2001-07-24 17:33:00 UTC
Subject: My deaf guy

Hi Shelly,

I have a dark eyed white who also looks like a polar bear, short
little legs a little wide in the middle and a fluffy white coat, anyway
enough about my Pooh, oh
yeah, he is deaf too! I find the only way to calm them down when they
get a little too rangy is to put them in a time
out cage for a couple of minutes. I've tried scruffing them and
dragging them the way there mother would when
they have been bad, but that only seems to get them more excited! In my
case anyway.


>I have a male silver who is nearly 2 years old. I am
> >99.9% certain he is deaf. His name is Klondike (he
> >looks like a polar bear, I swear it!) and he's a total
> >lover.
> >However I have trouble to discipline him with the
> >usual scruff/NO method as he doesn't hear the NO part.
> >He's generally well behaved, but now and then the
> >occassion does arrise when he goes a little nutso.