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From: RRC
Date: 2001-07-24 16:38:00 UTC
Subject: Re: Bob C: Ferret Skeleton: Pelvic Limb

Dr. Karen wrote:
>Hey Bob,
> When AAHA finally gets around to having me rewrite the book, want
>to help with the anatomy section? Nothing has been done by anyone
>but Howard Evans, and a new voice would be beneficial.
>-Dr. Karen

Gosh! <blush>

Now Dr. Karen, you know I would do just about anything for you short of
actual murder. I'm not sure I have reached the stratospheric heights of
knowledge attained by Howard Evans by any means, but I would give it the
good ol' college try at your request.

Besides, I always wanted to write something on ferret skeletons like
that found in "Miller's Anatomy of the Dog" (or "Illustrated Veterinary
Anatomical Nomenclature" or "The Anatomy of the Domestic Animals, vol.
1"), and I knew anything published in a book aimed at the general public
would have to be kept simple. I am getting really tired of using the
skeletal diagrams from the dissection guides for mink.

Your words are high praise. Thanks.

Bob C