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From: Michael Janke
Date: 2001-03-02 17:46:00 UTC
Subject: Possibly ECE?

> From: "Alexis & Jason Thonen" <alexisandjason@h...>
>Subject: Re: mucusy
>regarding stubby, the first poop was all mucus. the second was slightly
>tinged pink mucus. the third was mostly blood. the fourth was diarhea and
>has begun to reform into regular poops again.
>is the trend leaning toward ECE?

This doesn't sound like any ECE that I've experienced. They will sometimes
improve in a couple weeks, only to backslide. But, it's usually a pretty
continuous bout rather than three strange poops and then all is fine, then
repeating again in two weeks. I don't recall anyone saying their ECE ferret
has pooped mostly blood.

I suppose it could be ECE, but it would be an usual case.

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