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From: More Ferrets?!?
Date: 2001-07-24 22:07:00 UTC
Subject: pemphigus or related condition...relief for the mouth?

my spart has pemphigus or a simliar related auto-immune
disorder. pred has been controlling the blisters/sores/scabs
but what it hasn't helped is his mouth. his entire mouth is
red and sore. swab on slide showed "pus and bacteria" to doc.
i believe there may be some inflammation because spart's
tongue often pokes out quite a bit (more than that normal
sleeping-with-tongue-poking-out-posture). i know he's not
comfortable because i don't get kisses anymore and spart used
to be a professional kisser of my right eyebrow. any topical
(or other) relief for spart's mouth? we're raising the pred
dose a bit after one incredibly large and "pussy" sore
developed on his cortizone cream to help heal
that...but otherwise we're out of new ideas. thx!