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From: More Ferrets?!?
Date: 2001-07-24 22:14:00 UTC
Subject: looking for more advanced adrenal cryo surgery data -
follow ups

please, any and all of you that have experience with critters
having cryo surgery for adrenal chime right on in! looking
for data on critters AFTER surgery. that is, one year out,
two years out, etc. etc. how did the surgery go? did
symptoms return? when? what became of critter? in other
words, i'm wondering if anyone - vet, shelter or otherwise -
is keeping track of the critters who are having this type of
procedure. i'm keeping track of my own, but 14 in the past 9
months doesn't make a study. my vet and i are talking about
a) revisiting all his cases and compiling follow-ups to add in
with my data and b) keeping a new database from here on, but
for now i'm really trying to find out is 50% returning to
symptoms after less than one year as high as it seems to me?
varied histories, presentations, etc. and certainly some of
these critters being shelter babies went far too long without
treatment before coming to me. still...although some of the
critters were challenging, having 50% have further symptoms
seems high to me. not only will i know more later after
getting together a more comprehensive database, i'm hoping to
advance our learning here by asking all you vets and shelters
(who i assume also have lots of critters going in) to share
your findings one, two or more years out. of course i might
be asking for LOTS of detail from all you folks...sorry to ask
if the info isn't readily at hand; perhaps you could share
your overall impressions in that case. thx!