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From: Lisa Shortley
Date: 2001-07-24 22:56:00 UTC
Subject: Re: looking for more advanced adrenal cryo surgery data -
follow ups

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> please, any and all of you that have experience with critters
having cryo surgery for adrenal chime right on in! looking for data
> on critters AFTER surgery. that is, one year out, two years out,
etc. etc. how did the surgery go? did symptoms return? when?
> what became of critter?

I've been eager to hear of someone conducting a study like this as
well. I have had many cryosurgeries done on my ferrets since August
22, 2000 and would be perfectly happy to give you all the data for

Nala - aged 3 years and one month - bilateral adrenal surgery.
Sodium/Potasium ration was 27 - received DOCP injections in September
and October.
10/00 - Nala began losing fur on her back and tail again. DOCP
injections stopped for three months to remeasure ratio again. 1/01 -
ratio done and came back 29.2. She continued to go bald.
3/01 - Estrodial checked - level was 49. Normal for a spayed female
should have been less than 30.
3/31/01 - Surgery done again - small reminent found and cryoed again.
She grew back fur on her belly but nowhere else. She continued to
bald after this surgery as well. Nala passed away 7/6/01 - reasons
unknown but death was sudden.

8/22/00 -
Loco - aged 1 1/2 years - bilateral adrenal cryosurgery. Adrenal
disease diagnosed by checking estrodial level - elevated. Did not
require hormone replacement.
3/01 - started showing symptoms again - bad coat - whiney, loss of
muscle tone. Estradial done 4/01 - slightly elevated (by 1 point).
He will be having second surgery 8/10/01.

11/27/00 -
Buddy - 2 1/2 year old male - left adrenal cryosurgeried. Ectopic
tissue removed from right adrenal but adrenal was left in-tact. No
signs of recurrance.

3/31/01 0
Sterling - 4 year old male - insulinoma surgery and left adrenal
cryosurgery. Grew back fur immediately but insulinoma was too
advanced and he passed away 2 1/2 months after surgery.

4/7/01 -
Noobie - 3 year old male - bilateral adrenal cryosurgery. Fur began
growing back immediately - and then in the midst - just stopped and
he began going bald again. He's having a resurgery on 8/10.

4/14 -
Tasia - 2 year old female - left adrenal cryosurgery. She'd gone in
for a stomach obstruction and although showed no signs - had a left
adrenal tumor. Has shown no signs or recurrance since.

If you need anything else from me, feel free to email me privately -
I am VERY anal about keeping track of my vet records.
Hope this helps!
Lisa Shortley