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From: Sukie Crandall
Date: 2001-07-24 23:38:00 UTC
Subject: Re: Lung removal in a ferret - Ferret 'X'

> My friend with the ferret with a lung mass had her vet talk
to Dr. Charlie
> Weiss. Here is part of what she wrote me today:

>>Today my vet spoke with Dr. Charles Weiss who has
>>apparently done lung
removal on a ferret. He told my >>vet that it's not much more
difficult than
a cat and >>that it can be curative so, after wrestling with
the >>fear and
shedding some tears, I've scheduled the surgery >>for Monday.
>>God I hope I'm doing the right thing for him.

> I am posting this out here for others that might someday
face this, and after
> the surgery I will let you know the outcome of ferret 'X'.
> I also hope that those of you who believe in a higher power
of one sort or
> another will say a prayer for this little one. He is a very
special guy.

> Danee

Thanks, Danee, I appreciate this opportunity to learn and know
that our vets to whom we pass parts of the list will as well.