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From: More Ferrets?!?
Date: 2001-07-25 02:56:00 UTC
Subject: Re: looking for more advanced adrenal cryo
follow ups

well, certainly i'll only call you "anal" in a positive
sense! thanks for the detail. i certainly will count your
critters in with the many i hope to accumulate data on. you
certainly do keep very detailed records, along with valuable
testing data. i must admit i'm usually diagnosing on symptoms
alone...getting pretty easy around here with the jack meister
and his mad raping. lucky for me he only rapes those who are
throwing off all kinds of now he's my tester
weezil for the new arrivals! :) i can't tell you anything
about what we'll eventually accumulate or when we'll have
something to present...but i certainly will keep your
information handy to send you stuff as we move along. many

oh...for some reason i can't reply to messages or send e-mails
anymore (used to work..???). would you be kind enough to drop
me an e-mail - no need for text i can see part of your address
- just so i have your address on hand? thx again!

From: "Lisa Shortley" <fer8queen@h...>
surgery data - follow ups

--- In Ferret-Health-list@y..., "More Ferrets?!?" <moreferrets@h...>
> please, any and all of you that have experience with critters
having cryo surgery for adrenal chime right on in! looking for data
> on critters AFTER surgery. that is, one year out, two years out,
etc. etc. how did the surgery go? did symptoms return? when?
> what became of critter?

I've been eager to hear of someone conducting a study like this as
well. I have had many cryosurgeries done on my ferrets since August
22, 2000 and would be perfectly happy to give you all the data for

Nala - aged 3 years and one month - bilateral adrenal surgery.
Sodium/Potasium ration was 27 - received DOCP injections in September
and October.
10/00 - Nala began losing fur on her back and tail again. DOCP
injections stopped for three months to remeasure ratio again. 1/01 -
ratio done and came back 29.2. She continued to go bald.
3/01 - Estrodial checked - level was 49. Normal for a spayed female
should have been less than 30.
3/31/01 - Surgery done again - small reminent found and cryoed again.
She grew back fur on her belly but nowhere else. She continued to
bald after this surgery as well. Nala passed away 7/6/01 - reasons
unknown but death was sudden.

8/22/00 -
Loco - aged 1 1/2 years - bilateral adrenal cryosurgery. Adrenal
disease diagnosed by checking estrodial level - elevated. Did not
require hormone replacement.
3/01 - started showing symptoms again - bad coat - whiney, loss of
muscle tone. Estradial done 4/01 - slightly elevated (by 1 point).
He will be having second surgery 8/10/01.

11/27/00 -
Buddy - 2 1/2 year old male - left adrenal cryosurgeried. Ectopic
tissue removed from right adrenal but adrenal was left in-tact. No
signs of recurrance.

3/31/01 0
Sterling - 4 year old male - insulinoma surgery and left adrenal
cryosurgery. Grew back fur immediately but insulinoma was too
advanced and he passed away 2 1/2 months after surgery.

4/7/01 -
Noobie - 3 year old male - bilateral adrenal cryosurgery. Fur began
growing back immediately - and then in the midst - just stopped and
he began going bald again. He's having a resurgery on 8/10.

4/14 -
Tasia - 2 year old female - left adrenal cryosurgery. She'd gone in
for a stomach obstruction and although showed no signs - had a left
adrenal tumor. Has shown no signs or recurrance since.

If you need anything else from me, feel free to email me privately -
I am VERY anal about keeping track of my vet records.
Hope this helps!
Lisa Shortley