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From: steve austin
Date: 2001-03-02 19:00:00 UTC
Subject: Re: [Ferret-Health-list] Re: mucous poop

"he has also started grinding his teeth. am I looking
at ECE? what in the world do I do now?"


I had ECE in my home, it was obvious. I brought home a new ferret, and
within 2 days my original 2 ferrets both got diarrhea. The diarrhea was
flourescent green, mucousy, and eventually just liquid until they got
better. Fortunately, they never loss their appetite, and recovered well.
After 6 months, I brought in some other ferrets and all of them went
through the diarrhea. It could have been stress. One was vomiting with
the diarrhea and took more than 6 weeks to recover. He was lacking in
energy, and lost weight.
SO, the point is with ECE you would know it by now. Plus, the ferrets
that get the diarrhea are usually ill, or at least have the diarrhea for
a few days.

Now, I have one that came in and caused the trouble. His poops are often
with mucous, maybe once a day, maybe twice a week. It depends. He is
not ill, good energy and happy.

Don't worry, look at the ferret, see how he is, his energy and appetite.
If the mucous continues there may be some sort of colitis- especially
with the blood in the stool.
At that time, another trip to the vet.
For the teeth grinding- can be a sign of ulcers, but i think you would
see black tarry stool, not bright red, because the blood is from the
stomach vs. lower GI. A lot of ferrets carry heliobacter, as do humans (
of course, my type would be pylori), but only some show signs of illness.
In children who carry heliobacter they may actually get a protective
effect from certain illness. Of course, one study, but still a thought.
SO, maybe ferrets have some symbiotic relationship with the heliobacter.
When to treat for it is a difficult decision- should not be all ulcers
are caused by heliobacter, nor all those with heliobacter have ulcers.

So, to no be too long winded, if the mucous and blood continue, look for
a cause with your vet. If the teeth grinding is a problem consider
Carafate, but not necessarily the amoxil/pepto/flagyl stuff.

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