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From: Susan Farrell
Date: 2001-07-23 19:10:15 UTC
Subject: ferret teary eyes

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From: laurie.o@s...

My ferret Taz has "teary eyes". I have a terrific
ferret vet who
cannot figure this out. Taz is nearly 8 years old, &
got a clear bill
of health at his last checkup recently. The eyes are
not a problem,
but I was wondering if anyone else has had this
experience with their
ferret. Thanks.
My panda/mutt ferret has that teary eye thing too.
Just one eye and the fluid is clear. It really starts
going when he eats his wet food (which might just be
because his head is down and the tears run out)

My cinnamon is just starting to get a little teary but
only when he just wakes up or is ready for bed.

Drizzt, Harley, Tigger, Jazmine & Gaelic

Some days you're the dog,
Some days you're the hydrant.

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