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From: Nicole Hilliard
Date: 2001-07-25 11:34:00 UTC
Subject: [Ferret-Health-list] ferret teary eyes

My Ozzie has "teary eyes" too. My vet said it could be a blocked tear gland.
So, instead of the tear gland draining the tear liquid down thru the
sinuses, the eyes look really watery 'cause the tear liquid has to come out
somewhere. She said that they didn't have anything small or fine enough to
unplug the tear gland. And, since it doesn't seem to be bothering him (he
wipes his eyes on me all the time), then it's not something to worry about.

BTW, for all those people who nicely responded to me about my problems with
Ozzie (seizures, etc.), I took him to the vet and got his blood glucose
level checked. It was low. My vet, Dr. Kelton, thinks he is in the very
early stages of insulinoma. I've followed her advice and put some honey in
his water and made sure he gets more ferretone. Dr. Kelton felt that surgery
at this point would be wasted because she may not be even able to see any
nodes on the pancreas.

Thanks again for everyone's suggestions.

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> My ferret Taz has "teary eyes". I have a terrific ferret vet who
> cannot figure this out. Taz is nearly 8 years old, & got a clear bill
> of health at his last checkup recently. The eyes are not a problem,
> but I was wondering if anyone else has had this experience with their
> ferret. Thanks.
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