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From: mjo
Date: 2001-07-25 16:17:00 UTC
Subject: Re: looking for more advanced adrenal cryo surgery data -
follow ups


I have had one ferret go through adrenal cryosurgery last Nov. He is
doing fantastic, has a full, thick, soft fur coat, full of energy,
as obnoxious as a kit! He's 5-1/2 years old, had regular surgery
5-1/2 months before the cryo, turned out to be a right adrenal and
malignant at that. Couldn't remove the entire gland as it was too
close to the vena cava. I figured his time was limited. This cryo
gave him a second chance and I'd do it again in a heartbeat!

I have three others that are scheduled for surgery if we can get cryo
done in Tucson, Az. soon. We are trying to arrange this, need more
ferrets who would like to try the cryo in the Arizona or New Mexico
area. If anyone hears of any candidates please e-mail me.

mjo and the zoo

> please, any and all of you that have experience with critters
cryo surgery for adrenal chime right on in! looking for data
> on critters AFTER surgery. that is, one year out, two years out,
etc. etc. how did the surgery go? did symptoms return? when?
> what became of critter? in other words, i'm wondering if anyone -
vet, shelter or otherwise