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From: Bruce Williams, DVM
Date: 2001-07-25 22:14:00 UTC
Subject: Re: Could it be kidney failure

--- In Ferret-Health-list@y..., fuzzyslave@y... wrote:
> My Panda has been sick for 3 weeks now.My vet hasn't a clue to
> really wrong with him.After many tests which come back neg.The only
> thing he was concerned with on bloodwork was the gamma globs were
> just a bit to high.
> Panda has been on Amoxi,carafate,pediapred,being sub=q'ed 3 times
> daily.Duck soup every three hours,with Dyne in it.Still he's not
> improving.My vet is pretty ferret knowledgeable,has consulted with
> others on Panda.
> Panda seems to be not retaining any of the liquids at all.He still
> grinds his teeth even just picking him up.No energy.I'm sorry but
> vet has all of the tests results at his office so as to be able to
> refer to them when doing a consultaion.We've done 3 x-rays that
> showed only a tummy full of gas which we were able to clear up,but
> stll he acts like he has an ulcer.No loose stools.normal color.

Kidney failure would have a number of aberrant test levels across the
board, including anemia, elevated BUN, creatinine, phosphorus,
sometimes potassium, and a dilute urine. Without definitive lab work
to look at, it is difficult to make a real assessment.

However, my experience says that ferrets who act like they have an
ulcer usually do. Some ulcers are the dickens to get rid of, and the
pediapred may be working against your efforts here.

With kindest regards,

Bruce Williams, dVM