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Date: 2001-07-26 01:13:00 UTC
Subject: califlower ear: Vet or personal experience

I have 3 ferrets, they are currently on ear mite medication but this
is not my concern. Skittles is 3 yrs old and has a califlower ear it
seems to hinder him, since it is highly sensitive and since being on
the medication for the ear mites has been alot more irritated. Ever
since we have had him I have noticed a tiny sore in his ear where his
skin rubs sort of like a rub/rug burn.Since using the medication the
amount of wax/dead mites/crusties that comes out of his ear is
incrediable but it clings to the side of his ear where I am unable to
reach with a Q-tip or cloth. I feel so sorry for my lil guy cause it
gets so sensitive that I will just leave it alone because you can use
ear wash, Q-tips etc tell you go blue. I usually use mineral oil to
clean his ears but I am cautious to coating the ear while on the ear
mite medication. I guess what I need to know is is there something
that I can do possible surgury to remove the part that is rubbing, or
other possible cleaning ideas. Anything would be great I just hate to
see him in pain...I feel bad if I clean them and even worse when I do
but with the recent ear mite thing I have to cause it is non stop
irritation from those bugs. I just want him to be comfy and at peace
without getting up and scratching his ears or rubbing them due to the