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Date: 2001-07-26 03:30:00 UTC
Subject: Re: How prevalent is the canine distemper virus?

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> I see about 6 cases of distemper yearly, usually in pet store

We had two cases I know of in Orange County (CA) last year, and I
don't see as many ferrets as you do, and our ferrets don't get out
much. One apparently "came with" CD from an AZ pet store (private
breeder); the other contracted it from an unknown source. I help
organize an annual shot clinic and we have vaccinated about 400
ferrets over the last four years. We've had three reactions, one
very serious, none fatal.

Knowing what a horrible way to go CD is, and that there are now
alternative vaccines and pretreatment available, I agree it's not
worth the risk.

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