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From: suzanne mounsey
Date: 2001-07-26 13:45:00 UTC
Subject: Aggressiveness

Ok, I have a really odd question.
I have a two furbabies - Pancho Villa Weasel and Salsa. Pancho is a
couple of months older than Salsa (he is almost 2 years old). He
has always been agressive (he loves people more, probably should
have been a single). He likes to chomp and drag and roll other
ferrets (including my boyfriends two older ferrets, which have been
living with me for a year). He hardly ever breaks the skin, and
most of the time, Salsa will jump back on him and play, so I just
figure he is a bully.
Lately he has been MUCH more aggressive. He does this in stages.
He will grow a dark area above his mask in the white area (he is a
classic sable usually). When he grows in this "second mask" (as we
call it) he exhibits extreme aggressiveness. When the mask goes
away, he goes back to his not-so-aggressive state. I've talked to
my vet (she is a good ferret vet), and she has no idea what it could
be. He has been check out, tested, poked, prodded and everything
else, and he is very healthy, just downright mean right now (we are
going through our 3rd cycle of the aggressiveness).
Could he have some sort of hormonal cycle he is going through? he
really does check out normal, he's just mean (and yes, I train him
and treat him like the rest of the ferrets and they are all happy
well-adjusted non-violent weasels). I just thought I would ask
here, since I can't figure anything else out.
Suzanne (mom to Pancho y Salsa, and step-mom to Slinky and Sugar).

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