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Date: 2001-03-02 20:32:00 UTC
Subject: Re Nail Fungus-Photo of Bandit

Dr. Williams,

Yes, unfortunately, I do see similarities in Cleo's paws, especially
the right paw in the picture. Cleo's paws aren't as swollen as the
one on the left. The marked hair loss on the foot area is like
Cleo's, but I think her front claws are even worse than what is shown
in the picture. I took a picture of her front paw last week when she
was having a bad outbreak if you would like me to post it.

No biopsies have been done as her vet was still trying different
fungal approaches. I will provide her with your valuable input.

I can see that your knowledge is in much demand and I don't want to
impose upon you too much, but if you have the time, could you educate
me a bit on cutaneous lymphoma and what treatment, if any, is

Thanks much,