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Date: 2001-07-27 04:22:00 UTC
Subject: Re: Help, we have a biopsy scheduled

About 2 weeks ago I noticed that Maggie (4 year old, spayed, MF) did not seem to be pooping as she had in the past. Poopie was smaller but no change in color. 1 week later I notice that she didn't seem to be eating her kibble (The Ferret Store Brand)over night as she had in the past. Maggie's diet is supplemented with Bob's Chicken Gravy and Chicken Baby food as a healthy treat. She gets raisins maybe 3 or 4 times a week and only 1 raisin. She also stopped eating her Right Bites Tarter Contol Treat. About this time the poopies got stinky and slimmy. I made a vet appointment and began giving her a tiny bit of Slippery Elm Bark in her food to ease her tummy. I felt her activity level was lower and she just didn't look right to me.
At the vet yesterday her weight was 868 grams (no change from last visit in April of this year). We did a quickie blood test and her BG was 61 which I realize is low. After reviewing her file the vet suggested a biopsy so we can see what is going on in her tummy. Maggie does have fur in her poop and did pass a large (to me it was large at least) hairball in April.
The vet feels it could be IBD and has put her on Amoxi drops #1 35 ML twice a day and the ever tasty Flagyll same dosage. The biopsy is scheduled for August 8.
He did say that Pred was an option to the biopsy but I can't remember why now.
This is our first experience with surgery and I know I'm scared. I am searching the archives for IBD info but would like to hear from those who have gone through this before. I have no idea what to expect or how to prepare for her.
I would also like any of the vets that have time to write to weight the pro's and con's of all this.
Thank you for your help and advice.
Connie, Butch (who is fine thank you) and Maggie (you are NOT shaving my tummy)