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From: Danee DeVore
Date: 2001-07-27 13:51:00 UTC
Subject: Re: Pus in Urine

--- In Ferret-Health-list@y..., "Dale Nupp" <dale_nupp@i...> wrote:
> Hello All:
> I hoped I would never have to join another Fuzzy list because I
> that all of my ferrets will always healthy.
>The initial diagnosis is prostitus (sp?) although the vet will not
> rule out adrenal disease or a neoplasm at this point.
> More invasive procedures discussed include catheterization or
> Odo from a boy into a girl. However, my vet says catheterization is
> difficult in ferrets and he has never done the sex change

It sounds to me like you are doing the right things so far.
On several occasions I have had male ferrets experience pus in the
urine, and with different causes.
In one case it was a male that had recently undergone surgery for
insulinoma - he turned out to have a nasty bladder infection that
cleared up nicely after a course of antibiotics.
Another time it was a male with adrenal disease. He was asymtomatic,
except for displaying male agressive behavior. He required
catheterization until surgery could be done (2 days later), and
antibiotics. After the surgery and antibiotics, he was fine.
I also sat for a ferret that had a tumor on the end of his penis. It
was small, and my friends vet had not felt that there was any rush to
have it removed, as long as it didn't cause any problems. Naturally,
while I had him in my care, problems arose (pus in the urine). I had
my vet do the surgery to remove the tumor, and after surgery and
antibiotics, the ferret was fine.
So, there may be several causes of what you described, but it sounds
like you and your vet have the bases covered. The only thing that
doesn't sound right to me is your vets comment about catheterization -
my vets did not indicate it was difficult.
I am in the Washington DC area, and we have several very excellent
vets, including a good 24/7 Emergency Vet practice, that specialize
in ferrets. If you would like more information about contacting any
of them, please write me privately, and I will be happy to provide
you with addresses and phone numbers for all of them.