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From: katharine
Date: 2001-07-27 16:17:00 UTC
Subject: Adrenal Surgery

Have scheduled Cedes for adrenal surgery on
Tuesday. His prostate is enlarged so it's time.
I was trying to wait until Champ stabilized but
since that's not going to happen, we'll move

Cedes is a little guy who's probably about 7 years
old. I'm his third (and last) home. His previous
owner was going to have him euthanized because she
couldn't afford exploratory (suspected insulinoma)
surgery. She agreed to let me have him; in fact
she was delighted that someone could take care of
him. I've had him since February of 2000. He
didn't have insulinoma, just very bad teeth and a
rubber thing in his tummy. He was good as new
after all of that was taken care of.

Is there anyone on this list from Panama City, FL
who is bring two ferrets for adrenal surgery to
Tallahassee on Tuesday? My vet has two scheduled
and I was wondering if it was someone I had
referred. He didn't know the name. If so, maybe
we can meet. I'll be there when they open at 7:30

Doc increased Champ's heard meds a little bit to
try to make his breathing more comfortable. He
(Champ) at least has the instinct to elevate his
head to make breathing a little easier.

Please keep Cedes in your thoughts on Tuesday.
I'll be getting the hospital cage ready for him
this weekend.