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From: Sukie Crandall
Date: 2001-07-27 20:07:00 UTC
Subject: Re: Pus in Urine

Dale, sounds like your vet has a good handle on it.

Prostate problems (which are often from adrenal disease and usually
respond favorably to adrenal surgery -- and you could have those
insulinomae out at the same time) and complications from prostate
disease have been widely discussed, so you will find helpful info in
the past posts here and elsewhere. For medical approaches, search
under "prostate" and then especially read the ones in the group which
Dr. Jerry Murray wrote.

>Hello All:
> I hoped I would never have to join another Fuzzy list because I hoped
>that all of my ferrets will always healthy. Sadly, that is not the case.
>To anyone with experience, I would like a second opinion on the treatment of
>my furball, Odo.
> Odo, is a five year old fixed, male ferret. He was diagnosed with
>insulinoma about 15 months ago. With frequent hand feedings, I have been
>able to control his blood sugar without the need of medication. In all
>other respects, he has previously been healthy.
> On Tuesday evening, I noticed that Odo was having trouble urinating.
>This continued all day Wednesday. Some urine did come out but he was
>whining when he did it. On Thursday morning, I took him to my vet. Odo
>proceeded to urinate a yellow pus while waiting for the vet. Pus was also
>hanging off of his penis. In a nice way, the vet said "Oh, No". Upon
>examination, the vet discovered a very full bladder. He immediately removed
>the contents of the bladder which consisted of a large volume of pus and
>mucous. The initial diagnosis is prostitus (sp?) although the vet will not
>rule out adrenal disease or a neoplasm at this point.
> At the present, treatment consistes of monitoring inflo and outgo,
>vitals, etc. In addition, the vet was going to put Odo on a "Powerful"
>antibiotic, the name of which I forget. It is not Amoxy but comes in a beef
>flavored kibble.
> In additiona to the above treatment, my vet is getting a urinalysis
>done, the results of which will come back today (Friday) and also a culture
>to see what little buggers are growing. The culture, however, may take up
>to a week.
> More invasive procedures discussed include catheterization or turning
>Odo from a boy into a girl. However, my vet says catheterization is
>difficult in ferrets and he has never done the sex change operation. If
>surgery is appropriate, I will gladlyy travel the New York, Washington area
>for a more experienced vet. I am near Philadelphia.
> I have never seen this discussed on the FML, FAIML or FOB so any
>thoughts on additional or alternative treatments would be appreciated.