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From: Rhonda Foucault
Date: 2001-07-27 21:32:00 UTC

Hello, I'm Rhonda from *Grin and Ferret*.....I have a club member who
has a sick ferret and needs some advice. His ferret is losing weight,
has total loss of appetite, won't drink and is "grinding" his jaws.
He has had him to a vet, and the vet cannot find anything wrong with first, they thought it was distemper (because he is a
rescue adopted from a shelter only a month ago), but that was ruled
out....the vet wants to do exploritory surgery but feels the little
guy is too weak to make it through this, so he suggested to put
Tasslehoff to sleep.......any suggestions? Any advice would be very
much appreciated! Thanks all!

*Grin and Ferret*

Rhonda Foucault
Founder/Grin and Ferret