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Date: 2001-07-27 23:15:00 UTC
Subject: recommended water for the sick?

I have a rescued MF 6 yr old F that has started to decline in the past
week. Her cagemate (from 12 months ago) may or may not have died
of helicobacter 12 months ago but because they were neglected and not
found for days, the autopsy of the dead cagemate was inconclusive.
Her symptoms are diarrhea, dryness shown from a neck skin pinch, and
lack of energy. She has eaten Totally Ferret for at least the past
year, is spayed, and has her scent glands.

I wanted to start her on Pedialyte, and I remember someone stating it
should be 1cc (of water or Ped) per hour per pound of body weight for
a sick animal. Is this true and is there something else I should be
giving her? She also has a veterinary appointment tomorrow morning.

Thank you

Becki Kain