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Date: 2001-07-28 00:16:00 UTC
Subject: Re: califlower ear: Vet or personal experience

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> > I have 3 ferrets, they are currently on ear mite medication but
> this
> > is not my concern. Skittles is 3 yrs old and has a califlower ear
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> Our Cauliflower has a cauliflower ear (hence the name). He got it
> from his mom. The ear is inoperable. When he came here from the UK
> had a very bad case of ear mites. In retrospect, it would have been
> better to give him a shot of ivermectin, but we treated it
> He does not like getting that ear cleaned at all. I apply ear-
> cleaning stuff to a cotton ball & soak the cauliflower part to
> the debris. Then I put a drop or two of the stuff into the ear and
> massage. This usually brings up more debris, which I remove with a
> cotton ball (Cauli tolerates cotton balls better than Q-tips). I
> pinch the cotton at the end of a Q-tip, so only the cotton slips
> the ear & I bring out whatever else I can get to safely. He hasn't
> had mites since that first time (thankfully!). We had to work Cauli
> up to tolerating this procedure -- much like you work up to
> teeth -- a little bit at a time. If he gets upset (some days his
> is a little more sensitive), we just try another day.
> As for the mites... you might want to talk to your vet about doing
> shot of ivermectin for Skittles instead of the drops. It'll
> definitely be less wear & tear on him.
> Good luck!
> --Mary & the Fuzzies

Thank you, this has giving another option to Skittles discompfort.I
have been just doing the ear wash in the ear but the depree just
sticks to the side so i just quickly take a q-tip and wipe the
corner.I am going to chat with me vet on the shots it seems to be a
better case instead of putting my poor boy through such trama he has
been through enough without more to his lil body. I acually believe
his buddy is the one that has given Skittles his cali ear but it is
only a thought, cause even after Nibblers adrenal surgery he still
consistently mounts, I think it is a suckling thing the teddy bear,
baby blanket thing.Cause these 2 have been through alot and that is
why they are staying here FOREVER!Anyways I could chat about them
forever too so I best be just letting you know that you have given me
an option and thank you for the time you spent to respond to my
problem and Skittles thanks you too!!! Nibbler_76