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From: Rhonda Foucault
Date: 2001-07-28 00:42:00 UTC
Subject: NEED ADVICE QUICKLY [added info]

Hello, I'm Rhonda from *Grin and Ferret* (Yahoo! clubs) of my
members has a sick ferret and needs some advice. His ferret is losing
weight, has no appetite, will not drink, and is 'grinding' his jaws.
He has had him to the vet, but the vet is at a loss to explain his
illness. At first, the vet thought it was distemper (because he is an
adoptee from a shelter only a month ago), but that has been ruled
out. The vet wants to do exploratory surgery on him but fears that he
is too weak to survive it. Now he is suggesting putting him to
sleep....They made duck soup for him which he would not eat, so he
was hydrated at the clinic and given predenzone and antibiotics. Does
anyone have any advice to give before he goes ahead and sends him
over the rainbow bridge? Thank you for your time.

*Grin and Ferret*

Rhonda Foucault
Founder/Grin and Ferret