Message Number: YG5865 | New FHL Archives Search
From: Steve Austin
Date: 2001-07-28 17:08:00 UTC
Subject: Re: [Ferret-Health-list] What did my ferret have?

Was the 8 month old vaccinated? Could have he had some
immunity from the previous vaccines that he got a milder
Milder because if he had no immunity he would have died for


> After being exposed to distemper my 8 month old male Ferret showed
> symptoms of distemper. Runny nose, thickening pads of feet, crusty
> eyes and ears. The vet said if it was distemper he would be dead by
> then. He was at the vets for a month getting antibiotic injections
> and daily vet care. He got better but temporaly lost function of his
> rear legs. About half of his tail also fell off. He's fine now but I
> just wonder what happened. Anybody have any clues?
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