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From: Sukie Crandall
Date: 2001-07-28 20:19:00 UTC
Subject: Re: Posts #5807 and #5833

>Isn't there anyone out there that can answer my question? If there
>is anybody that would do an autopsy for free and cremate her and send
>her back to me I would pay shipping. Since I have no income and have
>to depend on others for money to pay bills, it's very hard to get any
>help around here in this remote area and small town (4,000 or so). I
>wanted to cremate her here but they said there wouldn't be anything
>left? I don't understand that. Any vet med student out there that
>would help me? Please????

Necropsies have to be done in a very timely fashion or the tissues
degrade too badly to be read, and the tissues can not be frozen or
the cells become mush and worthless for diagnosis.

Lung cancer is not a common diagnosis (your emergency vet who
euthanized), and can not be based merely on blood from the nose on
breathing in a ferret which is having trouble with breathing.

You have said that the ferret responded well to the oxygen cage (your
primary vet).

Were there any chest x-rays done, and were there any other tests done?

Did anyone look for cardiomyopathy or for pneumonia, for example?

Phenomena refer to "unknowns".

(I am not a vet.)