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From: katharine
Date: 2001-07-28 19:56:00 UTC
Subject: Cremations

thayneg@u... wrote:
<I wanted to cremate her here but they said there
wouldn't be anything
left? I don't understand that. <

That's not correct. I have had ferretes cremated
(well, two so far) and store their ashes together
in an urn. When trying to figure out the size urn
to buy (I had NO idea how big an urn I needed for
several ferrets), I learned that you end up with
about 1 cubic inch of ashes per pound of body

That aside, your local vet should be able to refer
you to someone for cremation. I'm sure they deal
with people every day who want their animals
cremated. I will warn you that it is not very
cheap. If you want the ashes back, they must be
cremated separately and it costs me about $90. I
don't know the cost if you don't want the ashes
returned, but I would assume it's a great deal

I went back and read your original post. You said
she died last Sunday. I would suspect a necropsy
would be useless at this point (anyone, please
correct me if I'm wrong). There would be too much
deterioration of the tissue. So, you should just
focus on getting the funds for a cremation.