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Date: 2001-07-28 16:33:00 UTC
Subject: Natasha the yellow skinned ferret

My fert, WWW, turned from pink and white to pumpkin yellow and her urine
turned dark brown. Many things can cause this, but she had an enlarged gall
bladder filled with thick sludge. She had emergency surgery to empty her
gall bladder (the vet did not remove it), and I gave her a drug called
Actigal for several months to keep the bile thin. That was a couple of years
ago. Today she is active and fine with no meds.
To achieve this, my vet consulted with Dr Weiss, who had experience in
ferrets with liver and gall bladder problems. If you want my vet or Dr Weiss
to talk to your vet, I would be glad to give their numbers via private email.