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From: meesh meesh
Date: 2001-07-28 21:24:00 UTC
Subject: VETS: hypoglycemia due to GI dz?

I have a question for the vets online (and anyone
with personal experience). I have read repeatedly
that a fasting blood glucose of 60 or lower is
indicative of insulinoma and that between 60-80 is
suspicious of insulinoma. What else can cause
hypoglycemia that low (70s, 60-80)? For example, can
concurrent GI problems like IBD or another GI problem
contribute to such a low BG? I know from personal
experience that older ferrets (one of mine who was
over 6) when fasted for 12 hours can have such a low
blood glucose (when retested after 6 hours he was
totally normal).
I was wondering what else might cause such a low BG
given my girl has had two test recently and has
concurrent (as yet undiagnosed) GI problems.. The
first (BG = 62) was after about 5 hours when she
hadn't had a "proper" mean 5 hours previous - only a
few bites of Eukanuba max. cal. The second (BG = 74)
after about 5 hours again but this time when I had had
her on about 3-4 days of Turkey baby food
supplementation (ie: not sure if the high prot. diet
helped the BG or if it was a natural fluctuation in
the day).

Michaela Maurice
College of Veterinary Medicine
Ohio State University
Class of 2002

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