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From: meesh meesh
Date: 2001-07-28 21:30:00 UTC
Subject: Baby food - the character of poop :) ; (other vet students
on the FHL?)

For those of you who feed/supplement their ferret's
diet with Baby food, what does the consistency of your
ferrets poop look like? The reason I ask is that my
girls poop originally looked a bit soft but formed and
lighter in color (like what went in) - seemed
reasonable. But suddenly, I'm getting a larger amount
of poop that is a sort of Indian red ... there is a
color pigment I should recall, seeing as I do artwork,
but Indian red is the closest thing I can think of
right now. It's not frank blood but it's a very sharp
bright brown color that's hard to describe. The only
difference in her feedings is that I stopped heating
up the baby food in order to try and get her to start
eating the stuff on her own and perhaps out of a plate
(right now she prefers heated off my finger, a
syringe, or lately, a tongue depressor).


Michaela Maurice
College of Veterinary Medicine
Ohio State University
Class of 2002

ps. Any other vet students on the FHL? I'd love to
email/chat some time :).

*** If one advances confidently in the direction of their dreams,
and endeavours to lead a life which they have imagined,
They will meet a success unexpected in common hours.
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