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From: Dale Nupp
Date: 2001-07-28 23:01:00 UTC
Subject: Odo Update - Pus in Urine - Thanks!!!!!!!!!

Hello All:
I won't even attempt to thank all of the 97 people who responded to me
personally about Odo's urine pus so a collective THANK YOU to everyone. I
do have a special thanks for Dr. Ruth. Vets who take the time from their
work to, well, work are special people.
It is comforting to know that everyone is in agreement. Yes, the
antibiotic Odo is now on is Baytril. Odo came home from the hospital this
morning (saturday) and is much improved. His urine is now clear and he
seems back to his normal self with lots more energy. I'm sure he feels
1000% better. My vet showed me how to squeeze his bladder to help him if
necessary. He is also on a 21 day continued regimen of Baytril. Assuming
all of this helps and there is no further emergency, my vet will schedule
adrenal surgery in about a month or so. He would prefer to get rid of the
infection before he does the surgery but, if he has to go in earlier, he
After losing a fuzzy to a blockage two weeks ago I am more than a little
bit nervous. At least the other five are all very healthy.
Once again, many thanks.