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From: Russell Prater
Date: 2001-07-29 09:44:00 UTC
Subject: Re: [Ferret-Health-list] Platelets

"Bruce Williams, DVM" wrote:
> Learn from mistakes, wherever they come from. I apologize for being
> scarce on a weekend, but we lost one of our own this evening,
> following adrenal surgery yesterday (and a relatively famous one, who
> was pictured on the cover of the JAVMA last April 15th in a
> watercolor I painted as a lark)

I'm sorry you lost your baby. I've seen the watercolor and even DLed it
and printed it out. If he had you and Charles Weiss working on him, he
had the best shot possible.

We got the bloods back on Booger. (enlarged spleen and low blood
glucose) The CBC and chems were unremarkable except for an elevated
hemoglobin, which we assume is from the spleen.

The insulin and BG looked like this;
insulin 35.8 [5 - 20]
ratio 63
glucose 87 [80 - 120]
So, what do you think?

My vet is ordering Dr. Weiss' video on ferret surgery and as soon as he
feels he is capable we plan to remove the lumps from his pancreas and
that spleen. Do you agree with that?

Russ, Booger, Bonnie & Clyde

URA Redneck if you have a rag for a gas cap.