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From: Karen Kerns
Date: 2001-07-29 10:34:00 UTC
Subject: playing to hard?

I think my Plunkett and MacCleane may be playing to hard. I
am sure they are just playing, as they still curl up and sleep
together, and if I beak them up, they go running back to each
other, but they sometimes squeal and fuss a bit, and last
night, I noticed MacCleane had a bad scratch under his chin
and was missing a chuck of fur near his throat. I am keeping a
close eye on him and am going to take him to the vet if it
shows any signs of getting worse, but is it normal and o.k.
for them to hurt each other by accident?
They are both big boys, each three pounds and each only around
six months old, so they are both fairly rambunctious.
I don't want to separate them because. like I said, they
still sleep together in their hammock and seem like best
friends most of the time, just sometimes they play too rough.
Any opinions or suggestions would be welcome.

Karen Kerns

"All of the best people have bad chests and bone disease.
It's all frightfully romantic."
-Heavenly Creatures-