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From: Sukie Crandall
Date: 2001-07-29 21:58:00 UTC
Subject: Re: Re: [Ferret-Health-list] Re: Help me, please

>Bubba's stitch that opened did have discharge and was seen at the ER vet
>and flushed. The site is left open to drain and is draining at times a
>clear fluid.

>He is being soaked and cleaned every three hours. I massage the site
>and can still get some discharge. He is currently on Baytril.

>I am trying to get him to eat his baby food. But he is resisting.


Sounds like when Seven of Six removed her stitches the first time;
she had a very wet belly with thinly red fluid.

If it helps you to know this: she got past it just fine. (When she
next needed surgery they put glue over her stitches right at the
beginning. Stitch removal is rare, but some sure do it to themselves
or to others and Seven did NOT learn better.) At first she acted
nauseated after her do-it-herself alteration, but we gave her warm
water with Nutrical since she does not have any insulinoma problem,
and finger-fed warmed a/d with some water. Since it's liver based it
is very stinky and that seemed to stimulate her. Singing soothed her
and as Mike has said calm talking does the same. (No one likes my
singing except ferrets) We used the jealousy trick where she got to
see that other ferrets wanted to steal her food, but I don't think we
used the second technique at first. Take some slow deep breaths to
calm yourself because it helps them as well as us (Yes, I do it.),
put a towel on your lap, don't wear anything that can't get messy,
and slowly try giving finger tips of food.

You are doing the right things, so take it one step at a time now.
You're a good ferret mom!