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Date: 2001-07-29 22:26:00 UTC
Subject: Coccidea

Hi, I am hoping to find some help here, or even just a little
information. I recently got an angora ferret from Czechoslovakia.
She has had seedy poops for about 1 week. She is now 7 wks old.

I called the store where I purchased her, and he said that she most
likely had coccidea, and he is sending me out something called Alban
to treat it. The Alban should clear it in 24 hours he said. He said
it is common in European ferrets and probably most american vets will
not know what it is.

I understand that seedy poops mean she isn't digesting her food
properly. My vet seems to think she is getting all the nutrition she
needs from her Path Valley (commercial ferret diet). He isn't
familiar with Path Valley diet. I originally thought maybe it was
her diet change. She has been in the states for about a month. To
my understanding, in Czechoslovakia they are fet whale fat and meats
like that. When she came here to the states she was immediately put
on Path Valley.

She is growing like a weed, more active than a 2 year old, and her
fur is BEAUTIFUL and soooo soft. :) The only thing that I have
noticed is her seedy poops (oh they stink).

I am a little worried about it. My other guys have been around her,
but I don't think they have come into contact with her poops. I
scoop them out right after her (when she is out). How contagious is
this? Does anyone know anything about this? Should I have my vet do
any other tests? I understand that with coccidea it may not always
have the eggs in the poop? Do I need to treat all of my ferrets?

Any advice is GREATLY appreciaged. Thank you all for your time,